Art and wine have many things in common, so it’s only natural to enjoy the two together! For starters, both begin with a stroke of inspiration. And are the culmination of a process of artisanal skill, passion and creativity. Like art, wine is a matter of personal taste. And both tend to evoke an emotional response in people. So we decided to peer deep into the glass of some of our most popular Brampton wines to find the art that speaks to them most vividly…

Romanticism and Brampton Rosé

No, it’s not just about the colour. Although the romantic pink tint of the Brampton Rosé inevitably conjures up thoughts of sweeping, weepy Romanticism paintings like Two Men Contemplating The Moon by Friedrich. It is a Rosé to lose your heart on, with a seductive pink tint and layers of berries and other ripe red fruit.

Modern Sculpture and Brampton Unoaked Chardonnay

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin is a brooding, intense figure, and yet there is something vulnerable about him. Its wine kindred spirit is the Brampton Unoaked Chardonnay, which packs a powerful fruit punch with pear, apple and winter melon, and an edge of zesty citrus – wrapped in the soft glove of a creamy, complex mouthfeel from extended lees contact.

Expressionism and Brampton Shiraz

Expressionist art with its dramatic distortion and over-exaggeration is a perfect fit for the Brampton Shiraz. When we think about the bright colours and free lines of say, Franz Marc’s Fighting Forms, our thoughts are immediately drawn to the sultry and evocative Shiraz, with its intense expression of black cherry, mulberry and plum flavours.

Pop Art and Brampton Pinotage

Like Pop Art is the rebellious and irreverent subculture of the art world, so Pinotage is the young, cheeky sibling of the wine grape family. The two also meet in their accessibility for the average Joe. The Brampton Pinotage, with its bright red and black fruit, supple tannins, hint of spice and a fresh finish, would be an excellent match for the quirky and vibrant Marilyn Monroe Series of Andy Warhol.

So next time you see a fascinating work of art, try to imagine a wine pairing that will complement the way it makes you feel. Best of all, you needn’t be an art buff or wine expert to pair the two, it’s all subjective. And just like with great food, the right glass of wine paired with a piece of art has the power to transform your drinking experience totally.